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IN The Know Survey

The mission of the Indiana Academy of PAs is to be the voice of the physician assistant profession in the state of Indiana. This annual survey seeks to gather input from ALL practicing PAs in the state regarding their views and opinions to appropriately prioritize your Indiana PA resources.

2022 In The Know Survey Results

HOT TOPICS | PA Practicing  in Emergencies

In an effort to prepare the healthcare workforce and optimize resources throughout the State of Indiana, we have created a voluntary survey to connect with licensed healthcare workers who may be able to provide relief to those on the frontline of this pandemic. The cooperation and dedication of our healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic is commendable, and the State of Indiana stands ready to support you.

Information from the survey will be made available to Hospital partners across the State that you designate as preferred locations. Thank you for your support to help establish back up teams ready to assist and willing to step up to the frontline.

You may open the survey in your web browser by clicking the link below:

Healthcare Reserve Workforce Licensed Professionals

Our first priority is for each PA to be re-deployed within their current health system as needed and then look elsewhere if still available.  The above is intended for PAs that are not currently associated with a health system (private practice) and for situations where pop-up hospitals need staffing.

In light of the public health emergency declaration in Indiana, we want to make sure that PAs in Indiana know of the following emergency provision in our practice act: 

IC 25-27.5-6-8 Physician assistants provide care in emergency
     Sec. 8. (a) This section applies to a physician assistant:
(1) licensed in Indiana or licensed or authorized to practice in any other state or territory of the United States; or
(2) credentialed as a physician assistant by a federal employer.
     (b) As used in this section, "emergency" means an event or a condition that is an emergency, a disaster, or a public health emergency under IC 10-14.
     (c) A physician assistant who responds to a need for medical care created by an emergency may render care that the physician assistant is able to provide without the collaboration required under this chapter, but with such collaboration as is available.
     (d) A physician who collaborates with a physician assistant providing medical care in response to an emergency is not required to meet the requirements under this chapter for a collaborating physician.

As added by P.L.105-2008, SEC.54. Amended by P.L.247-2019, SEC.23.

You may share this with hospital administrators that may be concerned with reassigning you to aid the needs of the current outbreak.  Our Legislative Committee co-chairs Courtney Doran and Jason Kolkmeier are busy attempting to get a statement supporting this from Governor Holcomb and the medical licensing board.


IAPA works with the Indiana state legislature, regulatory agencies and key stakeholders to protect and represent the PA profession's interest in Indiana. IAPA members and our lobbyist work closely with the state legislature to effectively strengthen scope of practice privileges, promote public health and advance quality medical care consistent with the organization's mission, vission and values. The association provides its members with legislative access to contact their state legislators, works hard to educate the Statehouse about how physician assistants practice medicine every day, and our members are valuable thought leaders to these elected officials.

State Legislative Issues


IAPA is very engaged on Federal issues and partners with the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA), to advance legislative and regulatory advocacy in Washington, D.C. IAPA works closely with federal legislators and their staff, including the entire Indiana delegation, as well as the administration and federal regulatory agencies, to improve the federal legislative and regulatory landscape for PAs. IAPA and AAPA partner every day to remove practice barriers for physician assistants and to promote high-quality, cost-effective, team-based care.

Federal Legislative Issues


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