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To the PAs of Indiana,

Greetings! Thank you for visiting the Indiana Academy of Physician Assistants (IAPA) website. As this year’s President, I want to welcome you to IAPA. I am extremely honored to serve as part of the 2021 IAPA Board of Directors. I wish to extend many thanks to the 2020 Board, including immediate past-president Thomas Meehan for his skillful and thoughtful leadership over the past year. Through his work, as well as other key members of our organization, IAPA seeks to make an impact on the future of PA practice in the State of Indiana.

IAPA endeavors to carry the banner of ALL PAs practicing in Indiana. This requires us to hear your voices so that we may represent you in matters that impact our ability to serve and care for patients, so that they may be carried forward to the Indiana Statehouse. It requires us to listen and be attuned to the issues you’re facing, as well as understanding the environment, landscape, and attitudes of other groups that may not have our best interests in mind. It is imperative that we understand your positions on the potential title change initiative headed to the AAPA HOD so that our Delegates may be well informed and represent you accurately.

So what is it that IAPA needs so that we may accomplish all of these lofty ambitions?

The emphatic answer is YOU! We need your membership. We need your voice. We need your participation. We need you and our PA colleagues, en masse, to become a strong and empowered professional organization that represents ALL PAs practicing within the borders of Indiana. From future PA leaders who are still in training, to those who busily practice - but would like to contribute in some way to the advancement of their profession, or those who have served a distinguished career and still seek to make a continued impact; we need you.

Thanks to all of you who are current members for your support! Without you, the great work done by my predecessors would not have been possible. For those of you who are contemplating membership, the time is now. We need your support!

We appreciate your passion for patient care. Please share any suggestions, comments, or interest in service opportunities.


Andrew P. Chastain, MSPAS, PA-C
President, IAPA


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