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We’re all in this together,

To take off from what I said during the recorded closing remarks for our annual fall CME conference; in looking forward to the year ahead we have no idea what strains, surges or other obstacles this upcoming year has in store for us. However, I can confidently say that I am certain that Indiana PAs will continue to be the ever-important healthcare heroes in this time of crisis. Despite these recent global setbacks, the world hopes to continue to push forward to return to normal. As we all do that, so do other groups that may not have our best interests in mind. In this upcoming year we already anticipate a potential return to legislation being put forth which seeks to undermine Indiana PAs knowledge, training, abilities, and current clinical scope of practice. This is why, now more than ever, your involvement is imperative!

Do not let this detract from the phenomenal strides we have made as PAs recently. The progress made towards direct payment for PAs from Medicare, an intrastate PA licensure compact, and a final affirmation on our title change are no small feats. These past, current, and future successes are all made possible by the substantial efforts of your fellow PAs who have chosen to lend their opinions and donate their time. That is why I implore you, as IAPA’s brilliant president before me, Andrew Chastain had; those of us actively practicing PAs who would like to contribute in some way to the advancement of their profession, to those who have served a distinguished career and still seek to make a continued impact, as well as future PA leaders who are still in training, we need your involvement in any way you can!

The first way to help your fellow Indiana PAs is by staying connected with your Academy, IAPA. Through our updated social media outlets, an active and robust student chapter, and our extremely important Academy committees which are open to everyone, involvement and communication are easier and more important than ever! We implore you to explore our committee offerings, reach out to your regional representatives directly, or attend one of our regional networking events which we will be re-establishing in the coming year. We would also love to continue to build upon our previous years’ stellar attendance at both our in-person and virtual CME offerings in 2022.

The IAPA board is committed to continuing its advocacy, protection and advancement of the PA profession in Indiana; as IAPA is the only organization that will perform these tasks. As your President, I serve at the pleasure of the membership and as your academy leadership we have a vision for the future and will continue to develop strategies and projects to lead us into the future. But this is not accomplished by just one person, the ‘we are all in this together’ statement is very appropriate in this case. It takes a board of vested individuals to make decisions that they determine is in the best interest for the PAs of Indiana, and an active membership who shares their time, expertise, and viewpoints with IAPA. Together, the Indiana Academy of PAs can serve in our mission to be the voice of the physician assistant profession in the state of Indiana.


Randy J. Brush, MS, PA-C

President, IAPA



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