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The Indiana Academy of Physician Assistants (IAPA) is the definitive and authoritative voice of Indiana physician assistants (PAs).

IAPA advances quality healthcare that is cost-effective and accessible as well as fosters the best practice environment for PAs.

Our association supports over 1,100 PAs in the state of Indiana and promotes the PA profession through legislative advocacy, continuing medical education (CME), and community health support.

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IAPA has set an example for me as to what a great provider looks like. It is my hope that I will be able to emulate that when I am a practicing PA.

Karissa PA | IAPA Member


As the main driver of legislative changes for PA practice, IAPA has contributed to tremendous improvements in our ability to provide efficient, high-quality healthcare for our patients. This includes increasing PA to physician ratios, reducing chart review requirements, improving drug prescribing policies, and eliminating state restrictions on performing sports physicals on high school athletes.

Chris Roman, PA-C | IAPA Member

IAPA is the the voice of every PA in the state of Indiana by promoting our profession, improving our scope of practice, allowing PAs to serve more Hoosiers, and organizing CME events.

Courtney Sullenberger, PA-C | IAPA Member