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Public Relations and Communications Committee

  • Maintain familiarity with AAPA Public Relations resources and utilize as needed to meet the committee's charges as presented.
  • Develop programs and initiatives to advance the PA profession within the state.
  • Act as liaison between the BOD, media and other identified audiences at the discretion of the BOD.
  • Develop and oversee distribution of public service announcements and/or press releases whenever appropriate.
  • Develop, promote, coordinate and supervise PA week activities throughout the state.
  • Make policy recommendations concerning development of public education and public relations activities to the BOD when appropriate.
  • Compose articles for the IAPA newsletter regarding public education topics and committee activities.
  • Oversee production of the IAPA newsletter, the IAPA Herald.
  • Write articles and recruit articles and photos from the board members, committee members and PA members for the IAPA newsletter.
  • Take photos of IAPA activities for publication in the IAPA newsletter.
  • Make recommendations concerning website updates and improvements to the BOD and the administrator.
  • Chair shall serve as chief editor of the IAPA newsletter.
  • Chair shall manage all IAPA social media accounts and monitor activity

IAPA BOD Representative: 

Randy Brush

Committee Chair:

Randy Brush


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