IAPA's Regional Representative positions report directly to the IAPA Board of Directors. Indiana's 7 regions are defined by county and consist of a Regional Representative appointed biannually for a 2-year term by the Board of Directors. Regional Representatives work closely with the representatives of other regions and the legislative chairperson on unified advocacy across the state. Regional Representatives serve as a local liaison to the IAPA Board of Directors, as well as attend and help coordinate legislative and advocacy functions in the region, educational dinners, regional networking events, and discuss regional issues of importance. Regional Representatives are the initial point of contact for questions and concerns regarding practice issues, regional concerns or any other form of local advocacy affecting your local communities.

Apply to Become an IAPA Regional Representative

Duties and Responsibilities

Regional Representatives will act on behalf of the board at the regional/local level to fulfill duties as assigned by the board. Representatives will be non-voting members of the board and be expected to attend/participate in monthly board meetings/activities. 

Each Regional Representative shall reside in Indiana and be a Fellow member in good standing of the IAPA and American Academy of PAs (AAPA) for the duration of their term. Candidates shall live/practice in the region that they represent.

Self-Declaration of Candidacy 
Self-declaration shall be permitted in the selection or Regional Representatives. Declaration of candidacy for consideration must occur by Thursday, September 30.

Positions to be Filled
Seven Regional Representatives shall be selected with one each from the following: (1) Northwest Indiana (2) Northeast Indiana (3) West Central Indiana (4) Central Indiana (5) East Central Indiana (6) Southwest Indiana (7) Southeast Indiana. (see map below)

The term of office begins immediately upon appointment and lasts for a minimum two years. Odd-numbered region terms will expire at the end of 2023; even-numbered region terms will continue through 2024.

Region 1

Northwest Indiana Region

Representative: Joshua Allen


Region 2

Northeast Indiana Region

Representative: Brian Laursen


Region 3

West Central Indiana Region

Representatives: Jessica Archer, Shannon Layton