Membership Committee | Chair: Sophie Mouser
  • Recruit and retain membership.
  • Develop a plan and oversee coordination of an annual membership drive to increase IAPA membership.
  • Oversee development of any membership recruitment materials, aka develop a membership brochure.
  • Promote PA student membership.
  • Write articles for the IAPA newsletter promoting membership benefits, volunteer opportunities, and/or summarizing committee activities.
Legislative Committee | Chair: Courtney Doran
  • Promote legislation, legislative activities, and ideas that enhance the utilization and practice of PAs in Indiana.
  • Provide timely information to PAs on legislative issues affecting physician assistant practice in Indiana.
  • Provide representation and expertise on legislative issues that affect PA practice.
  • Promote collaborative relationships with legislators, professional groups, and organizations important to the success of IAPA’s legislative interests.
  • Serve as IAPA’s primary source for practice-related problems, questions, and solutions.
  • Maintain relationships with other health care organizations, associations, academies, third-party payers, and governmental bodies, such as the Indiana State Department of Health.
  • Maintain a relationship with the Indiana Rural Health Association.
  • Promote strategic alliances with key organizations in rural or urban communities.
  • Coordinate the crafting of new PA legislation and/or modification of current legislation affecting PA practice.
  • Work closely with the IAPA lobbyist and legal counsel.
  • Write articles for the IAPA newsletter regularly updating the PA constituency and membership on legislative or PA practice issues.
  • Chair shall act as the primary liaison between the state and federal legislature and the related constituency.
Public Relations and Communications Committee | Chair: Courtney Sullenberger
  • Maintain familiarity with AAPA Public Relation resources and utilize as needed to meet the committee’s charges as presented.
  • Develop programs and initiatives to advance the PA profession within the state.
  • Act as liaison between the BOD, the media, and other identified audiences at the discretion of the BOD.
  • Develop and oversee distribution of public service announcements and/or press releases wherever appropriate.
  • Develop, promote, coordinate, and supervise PA week activities throughout the state.
  • Make policy recommendations concerning development of public education and public relations activities to the BOD when appropriate.
  • Compose articles for the IAPA newsletter regarding public education topics and committee activities.
  • Oversee production of the IAPA newsletter, the IAPA Herald.
  • Write articles and recruit articles and photos from proper board members, committee members, and PA members for the IAPA newsletter.
  • Take photos of IAPA activities for publication in the IAPA newsletter.
  • Make recommendations concerning website updates and improvements to the BOD and the administrator.
  • Chair shall serve as chief editor of the IAPA newsletter.
CME Committee | Co-Chair: Daniel Sturm / Co-Chair: Chris Roman
  • Provide a minimum of 20 hours of category I CME annually.
  • Provide annual and/or biannual CME programs that are affordable, timely, convenient, and cost effective.
  • Coordinate all continuing medical education (CME) conferences for the IAPA, in conjunction with administrator.
  • Assist in recruiting companies interested in sponsoring speakers for all IAPA CME conferences.
  • Assist in recruiting exhibitors for all IAPA CME conferences.
  • In consultation with the BOD, determine the location of all IAPA CME conferences.
  • Develop and coordinate a speakers list for all IAPA CME conferences.
  • Oversee development of advertisement brochures and registration documents for all IAPA CME conferences.
  • Ensure submission of CME approval to the AAPA prior to all IAPA CME conferences.
Scholarship & Awards Committee | Co-Chair: Jennifer Zorn / Co-Chair: Heather Harris
  • Oversee the process of awarding the IAPA Outstanding Physician Assistant Student Scholarship as well as the Outstanding PA Award.
  • Promote the scholarship/awards to appropriate groups to encourage applications & nominations.
  • Collect the applications for the Outstanding PA Student Scholarship & review to develop the top two applicants to be put forth to the Board.
  • Collect the nominations for the Outstanding PA Award and present to the Board for voting.
  • Assist in coordination of the IAPA Silent Auction to benefit the student scholarship/award.
  • Coordinate purchasing the awards to be delivered, such as certificates, plaques, or other such awards.
Reimbursement Committee | Chair: Jerry Parsons
  • Maintain a relationship with the AAPA’s Health Systems and Reimbursement Policy department.
  • Maintain relationships with Medicare, Medicaid, and other third-party payers.
  • Be aware of current reimbursement legislation and/or policies concerning Medicare, Medicaid, and other third-party payers.
  • Make policy and legislative recommendations to the BOD, when appropriate.
  • Write articles for the IAPA newsletter on reimbursement issues and committee activities.
  • Chair shall serve as the primary contact for the IAPA concerning third-party payers.