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2023 IAPA Election | Meet the candidates

President Elect & Delegate to AAPA HOD

James Milward, DMSc, MPAS, PA-C - I am a practicing PA in cardiac surgery at the VA Medical Center in Indianapolis and have focused my leadership efforts on the continued growth of the PA profession, visibility of our role in healthcare, support of PA students, and ongoing legislative efforts to promote PA practice rights locally.

I have greatly enjoyed my time with the IAPA board as Vice President and applaud the growth plans and development of our organization. I desire to continue these efforts as IAPA President Elect and thank you for your consideration of my interest.

"James has quickly become a leader within the IAPA board of directors. I believe he has innate leadership skills, as well as important knowledge on how to lead a successful non-profit with both strategy and operational goals." - anonymous


Marlo Miller, PA-C - I have always been a proponent of advocacy for PA rights. I enjoy serving the board in any capacity I can. I have enjoyed my last 2 years as secretary and would be honored to continue in this position.

Director at Large

Lori Fauquher, PA-C - have previously been on the board and am a past IAPA President. I have also been involved as CME Chair and Co-Chair over a total of 9 conferences in the past. I believe in the mission of IAPA to support and promote the PA profession in Indiana. After a break from serving in these roles, I would like to return to more actively supporting IAPA as a member of the board.- Thank you!

Director at Large

Zach Kemp, PA-C - "Zach Kemp is a leader at IU Health and would be a valuable asset to the Indiana Academy of PAs. He is able to navigate difficult situations, get buy-in from all members of the team, and leads with compassion and optimism." - anonymous

Director at Large & Delegate to AAPA HOD

Pamela Lambert Gray, PA-C - As a dedicated and passionate PA, with a strong commitment to advancing our profession, I am thrilled to present my candidacy for the IAPA Board Director at Large, and Delegate to the AAPA HOD.

With a solid foundation as a Specialty Surgery PA of nearly 14 years, and an extensive background in PA education, I bring valuable insight into the current climate and future of our profession. I have prior experience serving on the Board of Directors for SPAO-HNS and SPAP, and as a delegate for my constituent organization's representation in the AAPA House of Delegates. I am eager to leverage my skills and expertise at a higher level within the state of Indiana.

My journey in healthcare began with a fervent desire to make a tangible difference in patients' lives. Over the years, I have witnessed the pivotal role that PAs play in providing high-quality, accessible care to diverse communities. I strongly believe that effective advocacy and strategic leadership are vital to ensuring the continued growth and recognition of the PA profession.

Having served multiple terms as an AAPA HOD delegate representing my constituent organization, I have gained invaluable insights into the intricate workings of our profession, grappling with multifaceted challenges and charting pathways for progress. I have actively contributed to shaping policies and initiatives that have positively impacted our ENT/HNS healthcare providers and patients. Now, I aim to broaden this impact by bringing my experience and dedication to the state level through the IAPA Board of Directors.

I am excited about the prospect of contributing to the IAPA Board of Directors, leveraging my experience, and collaborating with fellow dedicated professionals to advance the interests of PAs in our state. I am committed to championing our profession's growth and advocating tirelessly for policies that optimize patient care while supporting the evolving role of PAs.

Thank you for considering my candidacy. I am eager to bring my passion, leadership, and experience to serve on the IAPA Board of Directors and continue propelling our profession forward.

Vice President

Dan Euler, PA-C - "Dan has done an incredible job with leadership for the regional representatives. He is an advocate for the profession and is passionate about supporting his peers. He would do extremely well in the role as VP." - anonymous

"I support Dan’s leadership and abilities. He has served the IAPA well as regional director and would continue to be a valuable member as Vice President." - anonymous

Director at Large

Jaclyn Demeter, MPAS, PA-C - Members of IAPA, I ask for your support in my candidacy for the Director at Large position in the IAPA. Originally from Ohio, I have lived in Indiana since 2011 and have worked as a PA in Indiana throughout my professional career. I am passionate about PAs in clinical practice, PA education, as well as mentoring PA students who are the next generation of our profession. My clinical experience has been in orthopaedic spine surgery where I had the privilege of treating patients through operative and clinical care, involvement in high level organizational discussions and decisions, as well as education and training of students at all levels of healthcare stages. I recently transitioned my career into PA education and am supplementing my personal education through completion of a Doctor of Medical Science (DMS) degree (2024 graduation).

As Director at Large I will use my diverse background in clinical medicine, my experiences in PA education, and my leadership tools expanded during my DMS coursework and career to support the PA profession in Indiana. Our profession has experienced tremendous growth, and I am eager to lead and support the full scope of PA practice as it evolves.

As a lifelong member of IAPA, I would be honored to serve PAs in our state on the Board of Directors.

Thank you for your consideration,
Jaclyn Demeter, MPAS, PA-C

Director at Large

Nathan Lechien, PA-C - My extensive and diverse experience, including over five years as a hospitalist PA, two years as an APP informaticist, and my current roles as Clinical Education Director for the Indiana University PA program, uniquely positions me to serve as Director at Large for IAPA. Prior to joining the IU PA Program as full-time faculty, I served as a volunteer adjunct faculty member and preceptor, emphasizing my dedication to teaching and mentoring. I have a multifaceted understanding of the healthcare landscape, merging clinical expertise, technology, and education. My commitment to advancing healthcare in Indiana, advocating for PAs, and nurturing future professionals aligns with the Academy's mission. I'm poised to leverage this background to drive collaboration, innovation, and advocacy, ensuring a progressive healthcare environment for PAs across the state.

Delegate to AAPA HOD

Kelly Fisher, PA-C - I have been a PA since 2009. My background is in emergency medicine, but I have been teaching full time for the last year and a half. I have always had an interest in advocacy. I tell students often; they're signing up to take care of patients but also to be advocates for this profession. Representing IAPA and the interested of PAs in the state of Indiana would be a privilege and I appreciate the opportunity for consideration.

Delegate to AAPA HOD

Daniel Sturm, MMS, PA-C - I've been a HOD delegate for IAPA for several years. Previously, I served as the CME committee chair for IAPA. I have a background in family medicine and currently work part-time at an urgent care in Indianapolis. I'm a PA educator at Butler University. I am specifically interested in AAPA policies that potentially affect PA education and those that potentially affect the practice environment for PAs in Indiana. I'd be honored to continue representing PAs in Indiana at AAPA in Houston next year.

2023 ballot now open | poll closes november 30

The IAPA Board has the following positions up for election for 2024:

  • President Elect
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Director at Large (2 seats)
  • Delegates to the AAPA House of Delegates (5 seats)

Position Descriptions

President Elect - The President Elect, in the absence of both the president and vice president, shall assume the duties of the president. He or she succeeds to the office of president at the expiration of the current president's term. Following your presidential term, you succeed to the Immediate Past President position for one year. Term is three (3) years total.

Vice President - The Vice President shall assume the duties of the president in his or her absence and succeed to the office of president should that office become vacant. In the event of a vacancy in the office of the president elect, the vice president shall assume the duties but not the office of the president elect in addition to his or her duties as vice president. The vice president shall perform other such duties as assigned by the president or the board. The vice president will organize and conduct, with the assistance of the secretary, all annual elections. Term is one (1) year.

Secretary - The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the organization, be responsible for all organization communications/organizational data/historical documents, attest the signature of the officers of IAPA, assist the Vice President on elections, and notify all members of all meetings. The secretary shall perform other such duties as assigned by the president or the board. IAPA. Term is two (2) years.

Director at Large - Two (2) seats are up for election. A total of four (4) Directors at Large shall be elected by the general membership in alternate years. Directors at large must be fellow members of the IAPA. Term is two (2) years.

Delegate to the AAPA House of Delegates - Five (5) seats ae up for election. The Delegates will represent the interest of PAs nationwide at the 2022 AAPA conference in Nashville, TN. The IAPA Board of Directors will select a Chief Delegate from the elected delegate pool. A stipend of $400 each will be provided to the delegates to off-set cost of attendance to the annual conference. Term is one (1) year. 

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