PA Week


Held every year from Oct. 6-12, National PA Week is a celebration of the PA profession. PAs across the country use National PA Week to increase awareness of both the PA profession and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Looking to reach out to the media? Planning a PA Week event as part of your community outreach? Looking to make your voice heard by legislators? These PA Week planning guides, published by the AAPA, can provide resources, information and tips on doing that and more.

Message Points and Speaking Principles
Giving a talk or presentation? Use this guide to create a speech and inform your facts and information about the PA profession.

Event Ideas
Use this guide if you’ve never celebrated PA Week before or just looking for some inspiration.

Event Planning Checklist
A complete checklist of things to do in order to create an event of any kind.

How to Host a Networking Meeting
Use PA Week to meet with your peers and medical colleagues.

How to Reach the Media
PA Week can be a great time to talk to your local media about highlighting how PAs practice medicine or the valuable roles PAs play in delivering high-quality healthcare.

Plan a Community Event
Health screenings and similar events are great ways to raise awareness about the PA profession.

Tips for Meeting with Legislators
Meeting with your elected officials can seem like a daunting task, but this guide shows how easy it can be to become an advocate for the profession.

Tips for Using Social Media
If you’re new to social media or want to join the conversation about PA Week on social networks, this is the guide for you.